Advisory services


Helle Partners Oy relies on its years of experience and network of contacts to provide its clients with the best possible advisory services.

Advice on corporate acquisitions

The terms of a corporate acquisition often determine the financial result for both the seller and the buyer. It's well worth making use of experts in order to avoid unexpected surprises. We have a long history of experience in planning and executing corporate acquisitions, including valuations.

Due diligence

Due diligence audits are often carried out in connection with corporate acquisitions. These often deal with issues relating to e.g. business, finances and financing, taxation and the legal system, which must be clarified before the acquisition takes place. We have a long history of experience in conducting financial due diligence commissions.

Outsourced financial management services

We offer outsourced financial management services, especially for critical stages in a company's life, such as corporate acquisitions, large-scale financing arrangements, changes in generation, other ownership reorganization and the transition to Group and IFRS reporting.